You are more than skin deep.

Love + Light

Jawanza LaRose is the creator of Olor Skin. Her mission is to spread love and help people shine in their own unique light, regardless of color, body type, or orientation. As a successful African-American businesswoman and single mom, Jawanza knows that few things are more potent than a positive mindset. Olor is her vehicle to spread the word.

Jawanza recognized the transformative power that something as simple as having soft, healthy skin can have. Feeling good about yourself is empowering. It affects your outlook, ambition, and how you treat others. So why not make it more accessible? And that’s how Olor Skincare came to be.

 When you apply Olor, you can feel the goodness. All-natural. Healthy. And 100% authentic - just like Jawanza’s mission to spread Love + Light. Put Olor on and pass on the positive energy. Because feeling good is for everyone.

Hear It From Our Customers

I truly loved the product. Left skin super soft and "calm" even when I shaved shorter stubble that usually flares up right away!


The overall feel and appearance of the skin where this product was used appeared less irritated than usual and was less prone to razor irritation and ingrown hair.


I love how it reduced my red razor burn bumps and made my skin smooth. I’ve never used anything like it for my bikini area, and I truly should after seeing the improvements.


It was a great product, and great for me as a person with sensitive skin.


The product really work I used it on my face after shaving and boy it blew me away.


Overall, one of the best scrubs I’ve had when it comes to exfoliating and hydrating. The usually dry and itchiness after hair removal was not present after using this scrub.