Happy & Healthy Skin Speaks Volumes.

Say It All, Without Saying A Word.


Soothie Sugar Balm

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We’re about chemistry, not chemicals.

When you look good and feel good, it changes the way you interact with the world.

Olor Skincare products are formulated with healthy ingredients only, representing a big step forward from the products you’re used to.

All-natural. Practical. Undeniable. When Olor goes on, it inspires your best self to come out.

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Better Is Beautiful.

All Olor Skin products are formulated with health, wellness, and progress in mind. Our “before-and-after” Soothie Sugar Balm is a perfect example.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Soothie won’t make you fall in love with shaving your legs, underarms, and private area, but it’ll help you like it way more than you do now - and that’s a big deal.

Are you desperate for another beauty product? Maybe not. But a healthier and better beauty routine? Without a doubt. Change the dynamic with Olor.

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Your Best Shave Ever.

Soothie Sugar Balm uses pure, natural ingredients to exfoliate and soften your skin before shaving and to soothe and hydrate it right after.

This pre- and post-shaving care minimizes the bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs that make shaving such a nuisance and replaces them with smooth, confident skin that’s ready to take on whatever’s out there.

A skincare product this healthy shouldn’t work this well. But when you try Soothie, you’ll be thrilled that it does.


Hear It From Our Customers

I truly loved the product. Left skin super soft and "calm" even when I shaved shorter stubble that usually flares up right away!


The overall feel and appearance of the skin where this product was used appeared less irritated than usual and was less prone to razor irritation and ingrown hair.


I love how it reduced my red razor burn bumps and made my skin smooth. I’ve never used anything like it for my bikini area, and I truly should after seeing the improvements.


It was a great product, and great for me as a person with sensitive skin.


The product really work I used it on my face after shaving and boy it blew me away.


Overall, one of the best scrubs I’ve had when it comes to exfoliating and hydrating. The usually dry and itchiness after hair removal was not present after using this scrub.